President & CEO Carrie Cussons

Events returned to Scotiabank Centre this year and our team, partners and community all got back to doing what we love – coming together to share amazing event experiences. Nothing compares to the energy we feel on event day as our streets fill with fans, our downtown bars and restaurants are abuzz with activity and our venue is alive with excitement.

Our team and our partners have been steadfast in their commitment to hosting live events, adjusting our approach whenever needed to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all. Fans were ready and willing to adapt as needed if it meant getting back in the heart of the action to watch their home team play live or experience musical or cultural events together.

Our community was reminded of the pulse that we all feel when an event is happening at Scotiabank Centre and the impact that goes far beyond the walls of our venue. It is a feeling unlike any other and the reason Halifax is known for being the best event destination in the country.

We are so grateful to our corporate partners and clients, whose commitment and support has remained during an incredibly challenging time for their own businesses, yet they continued to support our vision, enabling us to bring amazing events to Scotiabank Centre. Like us, they recognize the power of live events and the important value they bring to our community.

The future is bright at Scotiabank Centre with an incredible mix of events that will make our community proud, our fans excited and memories that will last a lifetime.

Carrie Cussons
President & CEO